Thursday, July 7, 2011

The bicycling portion of Bike. / Dwell. is now concluded!!!

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters, and Those I've met along the way,

First and foremost I wish to thank you for all the support you've shown, in all respects from donations to emails, to phone calls, to you name it.  Although I rode most days alone, I sincerely could not have completed this trip without the support of all of you (this includes a loving push by my dad on more than one challenging mental day --> thank you, dad)...

Second, the posts for 7/5 and 7/6 are quick + temporary as my time is limited at the moment.  More photos and better stories of each day coming soon...

I have made it to Gillette, Wyoming and am now with family (so nice to be with them!) to enjoy a few weeks together.

As you may imagine, it is all but impossible to 'bottle it all up' in one quick post, or even a ten page written summary.  As I formulate how to continue packaging the experience to share, I hope you have enjoyed journeying with me through photos, and have learned about the diverse range of FLW's architectural abilities, as well as the incredible land we are so blessed to have in the United States of America.

I send a big hug / high-five / chest butt / or any other measure you wish to use to end one phase of a journey like this.  More than anything, I send my gratitude and enthusiasm about living each day to its fullest...

Love and peace (until soon),


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