Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/3 - Day 30

Downtown Eagle Butte.  The night before I had met a 100% Sioux that sang a tribal song for me outside the grocery store (long story).
Many thanks to Larry and Kris for a fantastic breakfast!  Larry had spotted me outside the grocery store the night before and kindly invited me to his place in the morning after he had worked all night at the local hospital.  Kris made a spectacular meal, and I enjoyed it over photos of Yellowstone, where the two had just vacationed.  Thanks again you two!
These are very common signs strewn along SR212.  I believe them to be memorial markers for all those that have passed from roadside accidents.  Given the quantity I've taken in, that is an eerie thought.  My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones this way.
Detail.  Panels on strorage tower.  Dupree, SD.
Dry grasses and distant butte.  En route to Faith, SD.
Quite a dramatic difference from the flooding in parts of ND.  Not sure if this is mineral rebuild for the soil or what, but it was a sore thumb amongst all the other lush areas.
The road stretches ahead.  Gentle rolls provide for a sequential revelation of that which lies beyond.  Every once in a while one reaches a high point and catches a glimpse of the distant horizon.
Faith, SD.  My destination for the day.
Faith City Park.  The colors of the afternoon were so richly saturated under the intense sun. 
Colors under the sun.
I took the afternoon off to prepare for the next day's journey from Faith to Newell (see July 4 post), and rest a little in some afternoon shade.
A bit later in the day, while doing some writing, I was witness to a water balloon war.  It was great to hear the thrills and laughs.
I learned on arrival to Faith that this is where one of the most intact skeletons of the T-Rex was first discovered in 1990 by Sue Hendrickson.  More info here.  This was an beautiful sculpture celebrating that fact...

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