Sunday, July 3, 2011

7/2 - Day 29

Ahhh, the sun.  It is incredible how well this natural sphere, so many miles away, can dry out bags, clothes, etc. just about as good as any drying machine.  In short, I appreciated the morning rays.
Cycling conditions were spectacular, with low heat and almost no wind.
Wind conditions were so calm that indeed it was a day of doubles.  With so many ponds, lakes, and water features strewn along the road, this made for some brilliant views.
Pheasant country.  It is crazy how many pheasant I see as road kill.  Truly.  Though I can say they have a rather strange exit flight pattern, leaving at barely the last moment before flying with killer speed away.  The wing motion is rather unique as well, with spurts of intense flapping followed by a flat horizontal for control.  Beautiful to watch.
One such unlucky pheasant.
The lonely road (no I didn't ride this one).
Gene and Ginger (or as she pronounced it with thick east coast accent, 'Ginja'), out for a morning ride along SR212.  They had stopped to take a photo of me, so we exchanged 1 for 1. 
This is what I had stopped to photograph when they pulled over.  A barbed wire fence ascending and descending into still water.  It was gorgeous.
Detail.  Oxidation of sky-blue painted water tower sparkling in the sun.
Power along the plains.
Hay bales with tractor marks in field.
Reflection.  Fence post.
South Dakota, state of small towns.
Cheese!  If there is one thing I've noticed on the many miles through the country, it is that cows love to stare.  It is rather amusing, and GREAT for photos...
EKG of the day's ride (reflected reeds).  So many exciting things happening.
Including meeting this amazing man, Glenn, who is running 3100+ miles from coast to coast (averaging 50 miles per day) as a means to raise funds for an Alzheimer's cure.  More information here.  He is a tremendous inspiration and a truly kind man.  Good luck Glenn!!!
All colors were so vibrant for the day.
Detail.  Truck front.
Close-up of the common gray weathered wood peaking through layers of red paint.  This on the side of a Honda store.
Red, white and blue.
Detail.  Hay bale.
Old house along SR212.
Preparing to cross the Missouri River at Lake Oahe.
While passing through La Plant along SR212 en route to Eagle Butte, I had the fortune of listening to some tribal chanting, which extended a good mile or so down the road, echoing off the surrounding hills.  It was spectacular.
Buttes of South Dakota.  (See definition)
Detail.  Post Office.  Ridgeview, SD.
Final destination for the day.  Eagle Butte, SD.

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