Sunday, July 3, 2011

7/1 - Day 28

Leaving Dan + Angie's in the morning.
Glass distributor building.  Aberdeen, SD.
Detail.  Building texture 1. Aberdeen, SD.
Detail.  Building texture 2. Aberdeen, SD.
Grain mill.  Aberdeen, SD.
Puddle in the rut.  SR12 westbound leaving Aberdeen.  The morning's ride couldn't have been any better.  Running in parallel with the rail line on flat grades, cloud cover and temps in the low 70's made these the exact opposite of the previous day's conditions.  I never cease to be amazed by how much weather can vary from day to day.  It is especially notable when one is affected by it in such a direct way (as exposed on the seat of a bicycle). 
Crossing Snake River westbound.  I was struck by this railroad bridge reflecting in the still waters, surrounded by the lush verdant surrounds.
Train cars dotting the horizon.  Cars headed eastbound into Aberdeen.
I was super thankful to have escaped the morning's rain for the first 28 miles into Ipswich, at which point on arrival the rain starting coming strong.  As such I decided to tuck into the Yellowstone Trail Cafe, where I enjoyed some coffee with a cinnamon roll.  The kind owner Deb insisted on treating me.  Thank you so much, Deb the food and coffee were delicious!  The time allowed me to dodge some pellets and do a few more RWBB sketches.
In spite of my attempt to let the front pass, I was greeted by steady rain for the next 30 miles into Faulkton, SD.  Thank goodness for fenders as they aided significantly in keeping the gear 'dry'.
The rains ranged from moderate to heavy, and I was even greeted by a few close lightning strikes (wish I had a photo of them, they were beautiful!, though not as much while in the open on a bike, haha) which lit up the sky and made me shiver a little more from my already cold state.
Common sense told me that close lightning = potential problems, so I decided to call it a day upon arrival to Faulkton, SD.  I was soaked to the bone!  Yet I couldn't help but be entertained by the vast difference from one day to the next.  Saturated with salt, saturated with sky.  Saturated with great experiences (and thankful), that's for sure...

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